If you want your sprinters to run faster…

“Breakthrough Program Design Resource Guarantees New Personal Bests for Every 55m – 400m Track and Field Sprinter…Regardless of Age, Gender or Skill Level”

Here’s how to write highly effective workouts for your sprinters no matter how much coaching experience you have.

Fellow sprint coaches:

You have one main obligation to your sprinters:

Get them to run their lifetime best times at the biggest meets of the season. Everything you do in practice (from warm up to warm down) revolves around this one goal.

If your athletes aren’t consistently peaking when it counts, during the biggest meets of year, then their entire season is tainted.

Because PRs only matter when they’re run in races that matter.

Fast times at big meets is what sprinting is all about. And that’s what sprinters run for.

Easier said than done. After all, if you could get all your athletes to peak when it counts, you’d have the magic ticket, the golden egg. Your sprinters and your program would be unstoppable.

And making that happen is no small feat.

Because you don’t coach in vacuum and you don’t get to hand select your athletes.

55m runners and 400m runners need different training…don’t they?

Some of your athletes are extremely talented and others, well, not so much. And so you need different programs for them too…right? After all you can’t have your super stars and your ‘got cut from every other sport’ kids doing the same training.

Can you?

But even if they could, some of your kids are willing to put the time in and others can’t wait to get out of practice.

You’re not staffed like a football team and you’re not paid like a football coach. So it’s impossible to address all the needs of a huge range of athletes with limited staff, limited funding and a huge range of individual needs….

Isn’t it?

And let’s not get started on training.

Speed work or Special Endurance? Extensive tempo or intensive tempo? Strength training, plyos, block work…field events?

Where? When? Why? How many and how much rest?

These are the questions constantly raining down on most track coaches. The ones that confuse and paralyze you. And it seems like every potential answer raises at least two more questions.

And you don’t have time for that. Can’t someone just give you some straightforward answers that solve all your problems?

Because a ‘cookie cutter’ program won’t do it. You can’t pull some 12 week program for 400m runners off the internet and try to use that with your athletes.

Why not?

Because it wasn’t written for them. It wasn’t written for anyone, now that you mention it.

What happens if your athletes aren’t able to finish the workouts?

What if you miss a day or have a meet? What happens when you have to change something in the program? (And you will)

If you don’t have a proper understanding of the rhyme and reason behind how and why the program is structured, it’s completely worthless to you….and your athletes.

That’s the problems with trying to find good help with writing workouts, whether online, offline, at a track clinic, etc.

Most of the information you find is written by college and professional coaches. And they really know their stuff. It’s incredible to talk track with any of them.

But here’s the problem…

It’s all written for other college and professional coaches who coach….

….college and professional athletes.

So sure, it’s great information. But you have to have an advanced degree in exercise science, physiology and biomechanics to figure it out and put it to use.

And I don’t have one of those, do you?

Have you ever been to a clinic with several Big Time speakers? Great information, sure.

But you always walk out scratching your head saying ‘but none of this applies to my high school kids. We don’t have 3 months of fall training. And I have 35 kids in my sprint group. And half of them can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.’

I learned a long time ago to stop trying to reverse engineer college and pro coach programs. They just don’t apply to developmental (high school and younger) sprinters.

And they’re too complicated. Because your young sprinters don’t need complicated. Or cute or fancy.

You just need a simple, objective and flexible approach to training in order to get results from top to bottom.

Not only is this more effective than what you’ve been doing, but it takes less time and it’s easier to manage. And that’s exactly what you need when coaching at the developmental levels.

As you may have guessed, I’m not a college coach. And I don’t work with professional sprinters.

But that’s exactly…

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“my athletes improved faster with less injuries and set-backs than with my previous programs"

With Complete Program Design for Sprinters my athletes improved faster with less injuries and set-backs than with my previous programs. All of my athletes earned all time PR's in their respective events, including a few school records and we took 1st place in all but 3 events on the track during our Conference Championship...with a team of only 23 athletes.

This program is effective and useful and helps make quality use of your training time with your athletes.

Chris Baker
Long Island, New York


Why You Should Listen to Me…

I work with the same athletes you work with. So I understand your problems, concerns and frustrations.

I deal with them every single day. And I’ve found solutions that have lead to night and day improvements in my sprinters and my programs. In fact, I’ve got a pretty good track record working with sprinters. I know we live in a ‘what have you done for me lately’ kind of world, so here’s a taste of what I’ve done over just the past 7 years of coaching:

  • 2005 MSTCA Coach of the Year
  • 87 Conference Champions, 88 All-State Finalists, 52 Divisional State Champions, 20 All State Champions, 31 School Records, 23 National Qualifiers, and 6 New England Champions
  • Developed All State Champions from 100 – 400 meters
  • USA Track and Field Level II Certified (Sprints, Hurdles, Relays)
  • NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
2008 MA State Champions  4x200m

2008 MA State Champions 4x100m


2009 MA State Champions  4x200m…



…and 2009 MA State Champions 4x100m
(MA State Record Holders and New England Champs)

I don’t work in a state-of-the-art facility or have all the bells and whistles at my disposal, believe me.
Heck, I don’t even have a track to train on for half the year. Just freezing cold temperatures and a concrete high school hallway. So I had to come up with simple solutions if I wanted my sprinters to run faster than the kids with real facilities, full staffing and…a track to practice on.

Because simple is not a word I would use to describe the program design information that’s available to you.

And don’t even think about trying to get your education in any of those elitist track forums. Sure they’re free…

…but they’re full of track sharks waiting to take a bite out of you the second you don’t ask the right question or give the wrong answer. Ever ask a question in one of those forums without first searching the archives? You’ll get shamed right off the boards by some obnoxious “Super Moderator”.

Is that the kind of support you’re looking for?

The Biggest Problem with Your Program Design

You have to stop making things complicated. You can run one program and still get PRs out of your best and worst sprinters…when it counts.

You can use one simple program and maximize the speed of your 55 meter runners…and your 400 meter runners.

You just have to stop using college and professional programs as your foundation.

Because I ran track in college. I earned a scholarship to attend the University of Connecticut where I attained All East, All Big East and All New England status. So I know exactly how much time you have to practice.

And it’s not nearly as much as I did in college.

It’s a full time job at the collegiate level. So you can’t try to replicate a college program from a college coach for middle and high school kids.

Believe me I tried. For years I tried to run a fancy program with fancy progressions and complicated workouts and routines.

And I ran myself crazy. And then it hit me.

Ever heard of a guy named Bruce Lee?

He created a system of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do.

The premise is simple. Strip away all the formality, complications and excess from traditional martial arts and only keep what’s needed to achieve the objective.

I’ve studied traditional martial arts (and earned a black belt in Kempo) and I’ve studied Jeet Kune Do. JKD may not be as pretty as the traditional styles, but I’ll tell you one area it earns its stripes:


It’s not pretty or fancy like traditional styles but it achieves the objective at hand. Quickly, easily and effectively.

So I took that same approach. I started cutting out all the excess and formality behind traditional periodization and program design. And just kept the basics.

Because at the developmental level, it’s just not required to get results.

Since I made this change, my best sprinters have developed even faster. In fact, the entire depth chart, from top to bottom, has improved.

And I’m not exhausted at the end of every practice. (Or before it even starts)

“I've become a better coach, our sprinters improve on a daily basis, are more confident and are having more fun"

“This is my second year back coaching sprinters after a 24 year absence. With Complete Program Desgin for Sprinters, I've become a better coach, our sprinters improve on a daily basis, are more confident and are having more fun.

I incorporated your program in our indoor season. We are a small private school and only had four sprinters. All four blew away last year's PRs; three of the four qualified for New England's; two absolutely shattered school records at NE's!

This program gave me a great deal of confidence, as a result our sprinters are more confident and the results have been huge. We have big expectations for the outdoor season and because of our success in the indoor season, we have 25 sprinters on the
outdoor team.”

Fred Frey
Rice Memorial High School
South Burlington, Vermont

“It has helped me produce the top summer track program in our area and specifically one male athlete has excelled to become one of the top juniors in the sprints, according to ESPN - Rise magazine"

Complete Program Design for Sprinters has been the best investment I've made to help organize and prepare my kids to perform at their best. It has helped me produce the top summer track program in our area and specifically one male athlete has excelled to become one of the top juniors in the sprints, according to ESPN - Rise magazine. I would
recommend (Complete Program Design for Sprinters) to other coaches and athletes to help develop our athletes in this area. Why? So I won't look like the only smart coach.”

Coach Calvin Smith
Stony Point H.S.
Round Rock, Texas


The ‘Bruce Lee’ of Track and Field Program Design?

This directly affects you and your athletes.

Because you don’t have to be overwhelmed or intimidated by the program design process anymore. The principles are simple, objective and flexible whether you’re a veteran coach or an inexperienced parent trying to help your son or daughter.

It works the same for 55 runners or 400 runners. High school kids or 10 year olds. Fast kids and slow kids.

It may sound too good to be true but it isn’t. You just need to shift your perspective a bit.

The approach you need to take is still based on the same science and same principles of progressive overload. You just don’t need to make everything so complicated.

Anyone can write highly effective workouts for any sprint group. Because once you understand a few basic ideas, the workouts practically write themselves.


You don’t try and figure out and plan all the variables as one huge project. That’s where the stress becomes overwhelming. You just can’t (and shouldn’t) try to juggle that many balls at once.

Instead, success comes from separating the process into different jobs. Combine the results of those jobs together and you literally just plug the appropriate workout in where and when you want it.

You’re not reinventing the wheel here.

You’re just taking a simplified approach to a pointlessly complicated process. And applying it to your developmental athletes and their needs, not trying to reverse engineer highly advanced training concepts meant for the types of athletes we rarely, if ever, get a chance to coach.

Here’s how it works:

I broke down everything you need to know about writing your sprinters’ workouts and broke it into pieces. Each piece stands on its own so you can pick and choose your topic.

Don’t have time to try and change everything at once?

Go through the program one Design Module at a time. Simplifying your approach means this:

Improving one part of the program design process at a time still makes everyone faster.

So if you’re a hardcore coach and information junkie, you’ll have 8 hours of content to dissect and apply.

But maybe you’re not looking to set the world on fire. (Not yet anyway.)

You’re just a parent or coach who’s looking for an easy to understand, easy to apply resource to help keep you on the right track so you can safely make your sprinters run faster when it counts.

Either way you’re covered.

Each section both stands on its own and works together with everything else. So no matter what pace you move it, you can make immediate improvements to your workouts and planning…

If you’ve been looking for a realistic approach to program design specifically aimed at developmental (high school and younger) then your search is finally over.


At Last! Complete Program Design for Sprinters (55m – 400m)  

Design Module #1: Training Inventory and Demands

Every well designed program starts with knowing which qualities your sprinters need to improve their speed.

Which strengths and weaknesses should you focus on?

Once you know, you can establish all the specific types of training, drills and exercises you’ll use during your practices.

And save yourself several hours each week in prep time, even if you’re new to organized program design.

If you’re not doing this before well before the start of each and every season, watch this 35 minute video and I’ll walk you through the entire process, where you’ll discover:

  • The 5 specific training qualities your program must revolve around in order to see universal improvements in your sprinters
  • 8 specific ways you can develop speed
  • a step by step blueprint for establishing your entire training inventory for every event group
  • How to quickly come up with Plan B and Plan C workouts so you always achieve your daily objectives
  • An easy way to group training activities by their common traits giving your flexibility in your approach to training
  • And much more…

Design Module #2: Training Phases

Your basic understanding of the three phases of training serves as your program design blueprint.

The General Preparation (GPP), Special Preparation (GPP) and Competition Phases each have their own basic rules and structure.

And this is where most coaches get into trouble.

Instead of following the directions laid out by the demands of each training phase, coaches go off on their own, changing and rewriting workouts based on the ups and downs of individual and group performances…

Instead of sticking with a proven game plan.

If your sprinters don’t peak at the right time, struggle with nagging injuries or experience consistently inconsistent performances in practice and meets, there’s a problem with the training.

And nine times out of ten it’s because the coach isn’t sticking to the blueprint.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of how the different phases of training affect your program design structure or you don’t get exactly how to progress your workouts over the course of an entire season, this 84 minute video will cut right to the chase, when I reveal:

  • An amazingly simple way to establish how long each training phase should be (no matter how long…or short…your season is)
  • Why athletes won’t peak at their highest if you don’t meet these specific objectives of the General Preparation Phase
  • Exactly why all training must progress from general to specific (or your sprinters will peak too soon)
  • 4 foundational differences between General Prep and Special Prep (and how they affect your sprinters’ training)
  • How to smoothly progress each of the 5 biomotor abilities through the training phases (with specific examples so the guesswork is removed)
  • Why General Preparation is the most important training phase for developmental athletes (but the phase you spend the least amount of time in)
  • The main difference between the PreCompetition and Main Competition phase (this makes or breaks your athletes’ ‘peak’)
  • The 5 functions of the PreCompetitive phase (with a secret about what happens to those ‘conditioning’ workouts once you get here)
  • Why you don’t need fancy ‘peaking’ workouts (if you did everything right it takes care of itself…)

Design Module #3: Energy Systems and Workout Planning

Most coaches of middle and high school aged athletes need are obsessed.

Obsessed with knowing, finding and using ‘the perfect workout’ for every occasion, event group and situation.

There’s only one problem.

There’s no such thing.

If you could make this one change in your mind set, your entire approach to training would immediately change…for the better.

Here’s the thing:

When you think about a practice, you don’t think about the kind of workout you want to run. You think about the specific energy system you want to challenge.

And what type of training will best stimulate the specific response that will get your athletes in the best ‘shape’ for their events.

The specifics of how you get there is up to you. And at the developmental level, it’s not nearly as important as some people make it sound. What matters is that you know what type of training challenges each energy system.

Once you know that, the type of workout you need to do practically writes itself down in your planner.

I’m serious.

It’s not about 6x400 or 8x300. That doesn’t matter.

The question is: Do you want to challenge the Aerobic System, the Anaerobic Alactic or the Anaerobic Glycolytic system today?

With a basic understanding of each, the path becomes clear. And you don’t need a degree in exercise science to figure it out.

In fact, in this 65 minute video I get rid of all the complicated science and big words and get right to the details of how to specifically train each energy system in each phase of training.

You’ll quickly see how easy it really is when I reveal:

  • A detailed breakdown of the body’s 3 primary energy systems (in simple terms and language that you can actually understand)
  • Multiple examples of specific workouts for each energy system (so your athletes stop getting burnt out and injured at the end of every season)
  • The #1 difference in the way successful sprint coaches think about workout design (this one change will save you several hours per week)
  • My sure fire method for establishing how fast each interval should be run (so you stop inventing your athletes’ workout times out of thin air)
  • Analysis of every workout type you need to run with your sprinters no matter what event group they compete in (with specific examples)
  • Exactly where and when to place workouts in the training cycle so you don’t combine energy systems and overtrain your sprinters
  • And much more

Design Module #4: Fundamentals of Program Design

You want your sprinters to get the most out of each drill, exercise and workout you create, don’t you?

Follow the guidelines I share with you in this 61 minute video to maximize the efficiency of each practice. You’ll run more efficient practices when you discover:

  • The 3 Rules your program must always follow (or you’ll paint yourself into a corner)
  • 7 easy steps to designing and implementing your annual plan
  • How to identify and classify competitions (meets are important parts of training and every athlete should have a plan for each race)
  • The #1 secret behind how many intervals to run, how fast and how much rest
  • Why successful coaches never follow ‘cookie cutter’ programs
  • How to simplify each category of training using a periodization template

Design Module #5: How to Get Athletes to Buy into Your Training

Workouts are important. When. How fast. How often. How many.

But that’s not where the best coaches excel.

Because designing effective training programs for developmental sprinters is pretty straightforward when you follow this system.

But if you really want to run one of those nasty sprint programs you need to get your athletes to buy into training hook, line and sinker.

That’s where I set my programs apart. Because my kids will stay late, come early and runs through walls for me.

And I don’t have to beg or plead with them to do it.

They want to.

They ask to do it.

Sometimes I get in trouble with the Athletic Director because they won’t go home from practice!

Just one more start Coach! Just one more handoff!

Sound too good to be true? I can’t imagine it any other way.

And you won’t either when I show you how I do it in this 59 minute video where you’ll discover:

  • The #1 concept you must promote to your entire group (and convince them to participate in from the first day of practice)
  • Why every workout should be optional (and how to encourage athletes to see if you really mean it!)
  • How to use professional wrestling as the model for your sprint program (trust me, you’ll wish you had thought of this years ago)
  • How to harness social pressure to get sprinters to comply with your expectations
  • Boost your sprinters’ confidence by immediately dismissing all their personal best times
  • A blueprint for creating a team wide expectation of success
  • The secret to getting athletes to volunteer to stay late and come early
  • One simple sentence that takes all the pressure out of big races (very handy when working with certain demographics…)
  • Why giving athletes ownership in the program leads to universal success (and saves you time)
  • Discover the impressive power of ‘the feedback loop’ (kids who never spoke in the past will tell you their hopes and dreams)
  • How and why you need to use different language with your sprinters than with other athletes on the team

Design Module #6: Goal Setting

If you don’t know exactly where you want to go, you’ll never get there.

In an individual sport like track and field, every athlete needs to have specific personal (and team) goals to motivate them through the grind of training.

To grow your program and establish relationships with your athletes, you must with each athlete toward achieving these goals.

In this 39 minute video, I explain exactly how and why goal setting with your athletes is just as important as the workouts they do. Discover:

  • The primary difference between Goals and Expectations (and why we don’t believe in ‘goals’ in my program)
  • 5 specific benefits of using goal sheets with your sprinters
  • How to design, structure and follow up on goal sheets and meetings
  • My 3 step ‘goal sheet’ system guaranteed to unlock the hopes and dreams of every athlete (you will be amazed at what you learn about your athletes)
  • 4 reasons to start using the ‘Track Walk’ on a regular basis (the best time to play counselor with your temperamental HS girls!)
  • The 3 types of goals athletes must establish from the first day of practice
  • How to get the inside scoop on team drama without turning any athletes into ‘rats

Design Module #7: 12 Week Short Sprint (55-200) Program Review

Even when you know what to do, you still want to see what it’s supposed to look like.

So I took the typical high school 12 week season and broke it down in detail. I took all the ideas I cover in Modules 1 – 4 and created a program out of it.

Every day. Every running workout. Every training phase. For 12 full weeks.

Here’s just a piece of what I cover in this 65 minute video:

  • Exactly how to progress your short to long program
  • Why athletes must learn how to hit their times during GPP
  • A simple reason for starting lactic acid workouts the first week of practice
  • How to ensure you never combine energy systems (and avoid injury, overtraining and burnout)
  • Why you shouldn’t do speed drills on speed days during GPP
  • Simple ways to individualize training for various skill levels and training ages
  • When to individualize training based on primary event group (start this too early and they’ll peak too early)
  • How to incorporate skill development into each training session and microcycle

Design Module #8: 12 Week Long Sprint (200-400) Program Review

Of course you need a Long Sprint program to go along with your Short Sprint program.

So I give your 200-400 runners the same attention and detail in this 70 minute video where you’ll discover:

  • Why short and long sprinters can run the same workouts during GPP (except for one fundamental difference)
  • The importance of ‘mental training’ for your long sprinters (you must condition them to embrace the last 100m of that 400!)
  • The truth about ‘speed’ vs. ‘strength’ for your 400m runners
  • How to structure training when you have several meets during the week (and still get in top shape)
  • Why athletes who can’t hit their times won’t reach their potential in the 300 and 400
  • An easy way to know exactly when to shut down a workout (whether its speed work or conditioning)
  • How to structure ‘unloading’ weeks into your training progression (long sprinters need this break or performances will plateau)
  • Discover the ideal volume for your Special Endurance workouts
  • Exactly when to let your athletes design their own workouts
  • And much more

Order Now

The Simple Truth About Complete Program Design for Sprinters

If you’re new to organized program design then you will revolutionize your sprints program by following these simple, flexible and objective ideas.

Even seasoned track veterans will find new ways to improve their sprinters.

It just takes following a strategy aimed specifically at the athletes you work with:

Developmental Athletes. High school kids and younger.

But Complete Program Design for Sprinters is not a magic pill.

And it’s not the movie The Matrix.

You can’t plug this resource into the back of your head, push a button and immediately become an expert on the subject.

Reality doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

So if you just want to copy someone else’s workouts and throw them at your athletes, Complete Program Design for Sprinters is not for you.

Because that’s not coaching. It’s holding a stopwatch. And it’s a job for your injured athletes or a team manager. Not the coach.

If you really want to unlock the full potential of your sprinters, you must be willing to invest a little time and effort.

Not dedicate your life to it. Just spend a few minutes each day absorbing the ideas and testing them out.

To excel at anything requires some degree of study and application. Program design for your sprinters is no different.

You can’t expect your athletes to put in their best effort if you aren’t doing the same in return, can you?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first year coach, a parent or a life long track coach. You can make your sprinters faster.

“the step by step process of the phases from general prep through to competition & on to peaking from Complete Program Design for Sprinters is straightforward, easy to follow and implement"

“I have been coaching sport related speed for a number of years mainly to Rugby League Players, however I have recently coached Track to several athletes including my own son of 10 years of who’m is the first I used Complete Program Design for Sprinters with.

I knew as soon as I looked over the program that it was a good one and I began to see & get results almost immediately. My 10 year old’s best 200 time was 29.56 but he averaged 30 seconds & his PB 400 was 72.13 seconds, his 100m 14.8. We decided to base our training on the 200-400m model and timed the 12 weeks to perfection in terms of our city
championships and guess what Latif the results were outstanding. He won Gold in both the 400 & 200m @ 64.31 sec flat in the 400m & 28 sec flat in the 200m later in the day. Thats a whopping 7+ seconds off what he could do before starting (CPD) a PB in the 200m and the 100m @ 13.79 seconds. To say we were both very pleased with these results is an understatement.

I would definately recommend this program to other coaches and athletes, although not to my current opposition as I feel it would be like a deadly weapon they would use against me. But honestly Latif, the step by step process of the phases from general prep through to competition & on to peaking is straightforward, easy to follow and implement and as I coach & train footballers understanding energy systems is easier when used within this type of program. To sum it all up in one word, BRILLIANT!!!”

Rob Godfrey
Auckland, New Zealand

“Since using the material in Complete Program Design for Sprinters...the athletes taking part in the South African National Championships has grown from 6 in 2006 to 16 in 2009"

“I've been coaching sprinters for 8 years. Since using the material in Complete Program Design for Sprinters, the overall performance of the athletes is overwhelming. In fact, the athletes taking part in the South African National Championships has grown from 6 in 2006 to 16 in 2009. This is a complete performance and enhancement tool for any
coach. Used in conjunction with Complete Speed Training, it is a dream come true for any Athletics Coach.

Dirk Janser van Rensburg
Bethlehem, Free State
South Africa

“I used to get advice from other coaches and read articles from other coaches. I would watch all the videos but nothing ever put all the pieces together the way Complete Program Desgin does."

“I've been coaching sprinters for over 10 years. Complete Program Design for Sprinters has been well worth the money. I used to get advice from other coaches and read articles from other coaches. I would watch all the videos but nothing ever put all the pieces together the way (CPD) does.

My kids aren't peaking too soon. When they ask 'Why are we doing this?’ - I have logical answers. I would recommend Complete Program Design for Sprinters to any coach if they are interested in a well rounded program designed for high school kids."

Susan Christoffersen
Fairfield, Connecticut

What Complete Program Design for Sprinters is NOT…

Complete Program Design for Sprinters breaks the rules of most coaching resources you’ve seen.

It’s not a DVD program showing athletes doing dynamic warm ups, running workouts, or doing speed drills.

If you’re looking for visual instruction on how to teach skills and drills or fix running technique than you may not be ready for Complete Program Design for Sprinters.

Because those fundamentals should be in place before you can expect to get consistent results with your workout planning.

After all…

Sprinters with poor running form can run the right workouts at the right time, but how can they get faster if sloppy technique limits every step they take?

The truth is…they can’t.

And top coaches understand this.

Instead, Complete Program Design for Sprinters brings you over 8 hours of seminar style videos showing you, step by step, where, when, why and how to set up an effective program for all your sprinters.

Knowing this, the next logical question is:

How Much is Your Sprinters’ Success Worth To You?

Program design is ‘The Golden Ticket’ for track coaches.

It’s what experienced coaches charge the most for. Because most people don’t do it correctly…

          …or don’t do it at all.

Which is why people are willing to pay high prices for someone to create their programs for them.

And it’s the most important part of coaching for anyone who wants to separate their athletes or program from the rest of the pack.

In our sport, the difference between winning and losing, qualifying and watching, success and failure – all comes down to hundredths of a second.

What would happen if you could start shaving full tenths and full seconds off of your sprinters’ fastest times?

If you can create a well designed training program, it’s going to make a huge difference in the success, self esteem and lives of your athletes.

And people are going to start asking you what your secrets are.

Presented in clinic format Complete Program Design for Sprinters contains a full 8 hours of continuous instruction, education and practical application for designing training programs for developmental sprinters of every event, age, skill level and gender.

If I were to hold a weekend seminar to teach you this much information, you should expect to pay at least $497.

Because your program design ability is a direct reflection of your coaching skill. And coaches who are successful year in and year out know and use this information.

And some people make a comfortable living creating programs for others….

It’s that simple. It’s that important.

Now I’m not going to charge you full market price for access to this information.

But just giving it away isn’t an option either.

Here’s what I’m going to do for you. To reduce my costs, I’m making the entire Complete Program Design for Sprinters program available to you online.

That means I don’t have to burn any DVDs or ship any materials to you. That cuts my costs so I can pass the savings on to you.

When you order you’ll create your own username and password. Then you’ll log into a secure site where you have two options:

  1. Download all the videos and course materials to your computer.
  2. Watch the videos online from any computer in the world that has internet access.

This way you won’t be forced to review the materials from only one computer.

Because I’m making this information all digital, I can reduce the price of the program from $497 to only $197.

You’ll get immediate online access to all 8 Program Design Modules and 8 full hours of instruction for a mere $197!

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Here’s an Even Better Deal!

This is a lot of information.

You’re going to have questions. You’re going to want a jump start to the entire process so you don’t have to start from Square One.

I know because I’ve been there. That’s why I’m offering the following Bonus materials when you order today:

Bonus #1: 12 Week Short Sprint (55 – 200) Program ($99 value)

You know how I feel about ‘cookie cutter’ programs.

But they do serve as a powerful guide to get you started and keep you on track.

In Design Module #7 I break down this 12 week program. But I’m also giving you the full version to use in whatever way you want.

Every single workout, exercise, set, rep and progression is fleshed out for you for an entire 12 week training season.

Everyone always asks for a full season program. Here it is.

Bonus #2: 12 Week Long Sprint (200-400) Program ($99 value)

Can’t give you a short sprint program without the long sprint version. After all, everyone wants to know how to train 400 runners!

Here is the full season program with every ounce of work already done for you.

Need a jumpstart? Just use this to get going and make changes on the fly. (I’ll answer your questions on our next call!)

Bonus #3: Program Transcripts PDF ($99 value)

Want to follow along as I explain?

Maybe you prefer to read the information instead of listen to it. Or you want to print it out and read it at your convenience.

The choice is yours. But all 8 hours of content has been transcribed, word for word, for your convenience. Now you can combine your notes and questions with the specific content I’m covering.

Bonus #4: Goal Sheets and Templates ($27 value)

I went over my goal sheet progression in the program.

But there’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel. Take mine and use them with your athletes or edit them for your specific needs.

Either way just make sure you use them!

With the goal sheets is an annual plan template. This concise chart allows you to plot out your progressions, meets and season. So when you start to second guess your decisions or want to make sure you’re not progressing too fast (or slow) you’ll know exactly where you are. Use this blueprint to ensure athletes peak when it counts!


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"Your Success is 100% Guaranteed…Or Your Money Back"

We insist you order Complete Program Design for Sprinters entirely at our risk. That’s 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!why this program comes with a rock solid, 100%, 60 Day, Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t think Complete Program Design for Sprinters is the best program you’ve ever seen on writing effective workouts for your sprinters or question if you received a fair return on your original investment, simply let us know and we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

There is absolutely NO RISK on your part.

Click to verify Better Business Bureau Accreditation and to see a BBB report.

Why am I so willing to take on all the risk?

Of course I want you to be confident you’re not wasting your money.

But I know this information is going to completely change your sprinters and your sprints program. Because I’ve gotten incredible results from this very same information.

No other resource is created specifically for middle and high school aged athletes. And that’s why everything you find is so technical and complicated.

I don’t need to try and prove how many big words I know or how many scientific studies I can quote. I just want to help you make your sprinters better.

I work with middle school and high school track athletes every day. I know what type of training they need. I know how much activity you have time to teach. What’s too much and what’s not required.

So I cut out all the excess and show you exactly what I do to develop dominant sprinters year after year.

All your sprinters will run new PRs in all their events this year. I guarantee it.

Or I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse…

Let’s take a look at everything you get when you order the fully digital Complete Program Design for Sprinters today:

Module #1: Training Inventory and Training Qualities ($37 value)
Module #2: Training Phases ($47 value)
Module #3: Energy Systems and Workout Planning ($47 value)
Module #4: Fundamentals of Program Design ($47 value)
Module #5: How to Get Athletes to Buy into Training ($47 value)
Module #6: Goal Setting ($27 value)
Module #7: 12 Week Short Sprint Program Review ($47 value)
Module #8: 12 Week Long Sprint Program Review ($47 value)

Bonus #1: 12 Week Short Sprint (55-200) Program ($99 value)
Bonus #2: 12 Week Long Sprint (200-400) Program ($99 value)
Bonus #3: Program Transcripts ($99 value)
Bonus #4: Goal Sheets and Templates ($27 value)

Total Real World Value: $863

Yours for only $497 $297 $197!


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YES!  Latif, I want to discover the exact program design strategies and techniques you use so I can get my sprinters faster and more explosive.

  • I understand I will receive all of the "Complete Program Design for Sprinters", 8 modules - fully digital videos - of the best program design and training information available.
  • I will also receive "Unlimited Access" to the secure Members Only website where all of the Complete Program Design for Sprinters information will be kept and stored with everything I'll need to get my training program designed and to get my sprinters started and up-and-running
  • I also understand that the bonuses that I receive are mine for FREE. 4 Bonuses but only if I act now.

  • I even get a full 60 days to decide if I like the program. If I am unsatisfied for any reason I can get 100% of my money back. There is no risk at all for me.

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Make this the year your sprinters set new standards of excellence and rewrite the record books!

To your success,

Latif Thomas

Latif Thomas, CSCS, USATF II
2005 MSTCA Coach of the Year
Athletes Acceleration, Inc.
Complete Program Design for Sprinters

P.S. - Order the fully digital Complete Program Design for Track Sprinters and get immediate access to all 8 Training Modules and 4 Bonuses for only $197.

P.P.S. - Most program design information is written by college and elite coaches…for other college and elite coaches. If you work at the middle or high school level, Complete Program Design for Sprinters is the ONLY resource designed with your athletes in mind! Order Now!

P.P.S. - You can reenergize your sprints program and write effective workouts whether you’re a first year coach, a parent or a seasoned veteran. Just follow the simple, objective and flexible program design concepts presented in Complete Program Design for Sprinters. If it’s too much or doesn’t work for you, I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked. I’ll even give you a full 60 days to decide.

“I encourage every track coach new and old to use this program, except for the coaches in my league because I’m greedy and I like to win"

“In preparation as a first year varsity indoor track coach, I was fortunate to have the
assignment of training our short sprinters up to the 600.

I read dozens of programs, watched several videos so much so that my head was spinning and I was going to just cut and paste one of them as practice plans.

Thankfully!!!! I finally stumbled upon the complete program design for sprinters created
by Latif Thomas a couple weeks prior to the season. It made sense, with a background I have in physical education and professional athletics the training of energy systems and hitting times to determine work load made sense. As we head in to the big state events my girls are peaking.

Here are the results:

My three hurdlers have all qualified for states with the top girl setting a school record. My 3
dashers have cut 5-8 tenths off their prior pb. My top two 300 runners, a freshman and sophomore, have skyrocketed to the top of the league picking up crucial points for our 7-1-1 team. I have also used much of the information learned for training with our 600 runners who also run the 4×4. At the State Coaches Invitational our top athlete won with a pb of 1:39.76 her pb at the beginning of the season was mid 1:45’s.

I encourage every track coach new and old to use this program, except for the coaches in my league because I’m greedy and I like to win!!

Thank you.”

Gardner O’Flynn
Ipswich Girls Indoor Track
Ipswich, MA

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